?Full-length pants for Casual and Fashion Use. Suitable for Sports, Training, Running, Jogging, Gym, and many workouts with breathable fabric. More comfortable with moisture wicking ability of fabric helps in the process of sweat drying during your workouts and sports. Best summer/spring season fabric for sports and casual use.
Micro Ribstop Fabric: These sports pants are manufactured from ribstop fabric. Which is a lightweight polyester fabric and provides a soft feel.
?Stretchable Fabric: Men?s sports pants fabric has the ability of stretching which helps the wearer to move in any direction without any interruption.
??Color and Design: These sports pants give a decent look to the wearer because of their simple and elegant design can be used as casual wear.
??Moisture Wicking: These Sports gym pants have the property of quick sweat absorption because of their moisture-wicking ability which increases their comfort.
Pocket Design: Sports pants pockets have zippers on them. During running and training, it keeps your items safe and provides a classy look.
? Waistband: Sports pants are adjustable for different waist sizes.
These pants feature adjustable waistbands for different sizes.
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